Thank you for visiting us at Standing Stone Boerboels! Myself, Shantelle and my family are delighted to share our passion for the Boerboel with you and your family! 


Our family lives on a small farm in the gorgeous Laramie Valley at the base of the Medicine Bow National Forrest where our dogs and kids flourish together at 7200 ft elevation! I have been dedicated to animal husbandry for 16 years now and LOVE my passion for these dogs. Our very first Boerboel came home in 2017 when we made the decision to dedicate our time to a Mastiff breed as we had been dedicated to the Saint Bernard breed and wanted a dog that had a bit more drive as far as protection went. I have had the pleasure of handling various Mastiff breeds including the Presa Canario, Dogue De Bordeau, Neopolitan Mastiff, English Mastiff, and several mixes in addition to other Working Group Breeds. My first Boerboel experience was at a dog show where I was given the opportunity to help a gal with a few of her dogs between rings and fell in love, to this day, I have several Boerboels here at home that remind me of those temperaments of the Boerboels I was honored to work with!

Fast forward to our beginnings, Arlo was our very first Boerboel, a solid black beasty baby with the attitude of the devil. He kept us on our toes however we loved him dearly for it. Arlo unfortunately came from unstable parents as far as temperament goes, we learned a great deal then and knew what we were not interested in and what we desired especially in temperament. Arlo was far from breeding quality and that was not our intention with him when we brought him home so he was neutered and remained to be a great guardian until his day came where he crossed the rainbow bridge due to a suspected aneurism.

Soon another litter was on the ground at the Breeder who Arlo came from so I was able to visit those dense, baby bear cub-like Boerboel Puppies and fell head over heals. It wasn't necessarily any different than what I was accustomed to however those babies were so very different than the puppies I have experienced whelping due to their enormous size and density was out of this world. From there, I began researching, I found Yahtzee and had to have her, then before she was transported here, we were given the opportunity to bring her mama, Honey home too! Cloud 9 is real and I was on it and still am to this day. 

I have been honored to bring home Boerboels from world class kennels possessing some of the best lines in existence and this gives us the foundation to make an impact on the breed by stepping in the right direction in providing you with puppies that are not only gorgeous but meet the breed standard in conformation, and are sound in health with a balanced & confident disposition. 

Our promise is to offer you an incredible Boerboel puppy for your incredible family.